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Marketing Communications

It’s tough to think about communicating your product’s value to a community of users when you’re busy building the actual product. That’s how we can help!

Great product marketing tells a story — one that captivates your customer community and inspires them to tell their friends. After all, you’re solving problems for your customers. We craft stories that tell your customers why you love solving problems for them.

How does your product help customers achieve their goals? That’s the beginning of your story. From there, we will craft marketing messages and refine your current communications to inspire your customers and prospects to take action.

Rachel consistently provided strong intelligent opinions and strategic insight for the executive team. She's creative and open-minded, yet displays tremendous analytical skills in providing productive and well thought-out solutions to business problems.
— Danny Faccini, General Manager,

Rachel LaCour NiesenRachel will collaborate with you to craft a compelling product story that resonates with your customers.

Corporate Communications

One piece of the marketing puzzle is corporate communications. Whether it’s a press release or an important internal letter to your team, we will help you craft effective messaging. Tap into our writing and communication skills.

Rachel is a proven business leader, with a unique combination of integrity and creative prowess. She knows how to mobilize communities, and how to create provocative and relevant content that "pulls," rather than having to rely on the "push."
— Scott Anderson, Director of Public Relations, Experian

Rachel LaCour NiesenFrom announcing a new product to managing a crisis, Rachel will create effective messaging and help you distribute it via PR Newswire, PR Web or through your organization’s own PR infrastructure.

Content Creation

From blogging to whitepapers, we will help you create content that compels customers and leads to take action. Compelling content is king when it comes to cutting through online noise to reach the right people.

Content is at the center of inbound marketing, a highly-effective methodology in the digital era. By creating content that is compelling to prospective customers, you can “pull” them to your organization and from there, convert them into sales, subscriptions or donations.

Rachel LaCour NiesenRachel will help identify your prospective customers’ needs and craft content that addresses them. Rachel can create content and advise on distribution strategy, with expert knowledge of social media platforms and content management tools like HubSpot and HootSuite.

Copywriting & Editing

Weaving words together to tell a story and convey an organization’s soul is an art. Whether you’ve got a case of writer’s block, or just want to run around the block instead of writing another blog post, we’re here to help you use words well.

But wait, what’s that you’re saying? You love creating content?!? We’ll take that content and refine it for you. Even if you’re a grammar guru, a fresh set of eyes will help optimize your content before it’s launched into the wild west of the internet, where search engines will find it.

Rachel LaCour NiesenRachel can create copy for websites, newsletters, blog posts and social media messages. From original copywriting, to editing copy you’ve produced, Rachel will work her magic and give guidance on voice, tone, flow, formatting and SEO.