Rachel LaCour Niesen

Rachel is a word wizard who loves serving startups and companies who want to solve real problems for real people.

As a seasoned content marketing and communications executive, she is passionate about helping companies build communities and strategic partnerships.

She champions content that demonstrates thought leadership, provides value for current customers, and boosts new customer acquisition.

Rachel earned a journalism degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. She brings creative vision to every project.

Rachel’s Services Include

Rachel is a proven business leader, with a unique combination of integrity and creative prowess. She knows how to mobilize communities, and how to create provocative and relevant content that "pulls," rather than having to rely on the "push."
— Scott Anderson, Director of Public Relations, Experian
Rachel consistently provided strong intelligent opinions and strategic insight for the executive team. She's creative and open-minded, yet displays tremendous analytical skills in providing productive and well thought-out solutions to business problems.
— Danny Faccini, General Manager, WinHost.com